November 7, 2007

The Snow Storm

Alexander Pushkin (1799 – 1837) writes about love lost in this short story. Pushkin's topic is simple and explanation lucid. It describes young love between a couple belonging to different social statuses. Pushkin describes as a matter-of-fact, the love between a young couple. He takes an external view of how the girl and the boy feel in a way that makes us sympathize for them.

Pushkin gracefully glides through the storyline with different viewpoints. He superimposes the events that happen to different people at the same time. Although, all the three people are tied to the same event, it has a profound effect on each one of them. Their lives change completely after the snow storm.

Towards the end, Pushkin builds a palpable suspense that threatens to destroy a happy ending. Pushkin plays beautifully with irony. The very snow storm that seems to cause love loss, has something else planned. The snow storm seems to be a part of the destiny of everyone involved.

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