October 17, 2010

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown

Dan Brown takes us on another trip with lessons on Symbols and Architecture. He does a good job of combining facts and fiction as in his earlier books such as Angels & Demons (Illuminati). He discusses groups such as the Priori of Scion and the Knights Templar in The Da Vinci Code. In this book he focuses on Freemasons and their secrets.

In typical Dan Brown style, the book is fast paced with conspiracy theories. He discusses Noetic Science and its implications. One of his characters, Katherine Solomon, is a scientist in this field with research on human thought affecting the physical world around us. 

The book starts with Peter Solomon, a Freemason and friend, being kidnapped. The protagonist, Robert Langdon, is faced with symbols and puzzles that he needs to solve. The story progresses with a lot of twists and turns. While some of the things turn out anti-climatic, others have unexpected twists. Either way it keeps you glued to the book.

This time he is accompanied by Inoue Sato to stop Mal'akh, the antagonist, from doing harm. 

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